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“The Performers Inc.” proposes between 50 and 55 minutes of games, competitions and other activities entirely spoken in the English Language. It won’t be necessary for the institution to provide more than an assembly hall, a patio or a classroom, depending on the number of signed up participants.

The activities to be carried out will be presented by a character closely related to the participants. This character will also be the protagonist of a teaching pack which each student will have for the follow-up and development of the activities. Within others there will be colouring, distinguishing, identifying, dancing, singing, speaking and role-playing exercises. Also, there will be some printed material, like cards or wall charts, for the competitions.

The objective of “The Performers Inc.” has always been to give the participant the possibility to immerse himself in the English language and learn it through contextualization.

He, who will act the main character of this playful and artistic activity, will have the skills of an actor and a teacher, skills that will lead us to an entertaining and learning experience.